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Well-Being Therapies

Mindbody Health // Integrative Psychotherapies


Psychotherapy that celebrates Living Your Life on Your Terms


Gain psychotherapeutic well-being through personalized, mental, emotional and physical health modalities that result in self-awareness, growth and beneficial transformations. 

Announcing: As a member of the new Psychotherapy Matters team, I can arrange and facilitate online appointments between a psychiatrist and my clients who request this service
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Well-Being Therapies 

Psychotherapy | Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

Somatic | Psychotherapeutic Mindbody Work →

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy | C.Hyp →

Emotional Freedom Techniques | EFT→

Psychotherapeutic Yoga →                                                    


Somatic | Psychotherapeutic Mindbody Work 

We can hold tension, called armouring, in our muscles and tissue surrounding muscles and joints (fascia). Most often there is an emotional component attached to, or at the root of, the tension /discomfort. A systematic combination of breathwork and hands-on bodywork helps clients release this pain.                                        read more →

Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy | C.Hyp


Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment modality used in psychotherapy, psychology, medicine and health management. A growing body of research now validates hypnosis as a highly effective tool for pain  reduction, stress, anxiety, and a range of medical issues.

    read more→

Emotional Freedom Techniques | EFT

This combination of eastern, meridian acupressure work and western, mindbody psychotherapy (referred to as Tapping) quickly reduces the intensity of negative emotions. 
Negative emotions arise when you have experiences, thoughts or memories that trigger them.
                              read more→

Psychotherapeutic Yoga


A psychotherapeutic, mindful, meditative, yoga-based approach to mental and emotional well-being. This client-centered therapy -integrating mind, breath and personalized bodymind awareness - supports the client in attaining their mental-emotional, therapeutic goals.

 read more→

Life is about Our Relationships // relationships with Family / Friends / Others / with the World / the Universe / and ultimately with Ourselves

It's about our Thoughts about our relationships  //  our Feelings / Beliefs  / and our Actions taken in our relationships

It's about the Stories we tell ourselves // about our relationships  / stories we believe are true  

Stories we are Attached to  // and cannot  / or will not / let go  

How We Relate to Others ↔ is how we relate to Ourselves ↔

How we Treat others ↔ is how we treat ourselves ↔

How we treat others and ourselves ↔ is how we teach others to treat us ↔

And this is how we treat the world around us; and thus add to creating our own realities



Where and When did we learn how to treat ourselves? // Who taught us? // What were the lessons learned?

When will you Begin to explore and transform your most important relationship? // the one with yourself  //

  The best place to start is NOW, as you are now reading // You are where you are // We all begin sometime

Now is a good time

Psychotherapy Services recognized as Medical Expense

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) advises that the cost of non-reimbursed
services provided by Registered Psychotherapists as a medical expense is eligible for tax credit.

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